OntoViBe - Ontology Visualization Benchmark

OntoViBe (also written ontovibe) is a benchmark for testing ontology visualizations. It incorporates a comprehensive set of OWL 2 language constructs and systematic combinations thereof.

OntoViBe consists of four separate modules, which provide various test cases for ontology visualizations. (The two latter modules were added with version 2 of OntoViBe.)


Name Description IRI Turtle file
Core Main module containing most of the ontology elements. http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/ ontovibe.ttl
Imported Module that is imported by the core ontology. It is required for test cases that contain imported elements. http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/imported/ ontovibe_imported.ttl
Minimal Module without any elements, annotations, or other OWL concepts. http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/minimal/ ontovibe_minimal.ttl
Cardinality Module containing a larger number of cardinality restrictions and systematic combinations thereof. http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/cardinalities/ ontovibe_cardinalities.ttl


OntoViBe 2 covers most of the features defined by the OWL 2 specifications. The coverage matrix lists all OWL 2 elements and shows where they are used in the OntoViBe ontology. The coverage matrix is available as PDF file.


The IRI of the core ontology is http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/. This IRI can be used to load it into ontology visualization tools. The minimal ontology can be loaded via http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/minimal/, while the IRI of the cardinality ontology is http://ontovibe.visualdataweb.org/cardinalities/.


An example of loading OntoViBe 2 with an ontology visualization tool is online available for the VOWL visualization.

Release Notes

The first version of OntoViBe was released on Oct 22, 2014; the second version (OntoViBe 2) on Jan 16, 2015. The cardinality module was added on Jan 23, 2015 (with updates on Feb 03 and Feb 09, 2015).

OntoViBe 2.1 has been released on June 06, 2015. It contains some fixes and redefinitions of cardinality restrictions and complement classes. Changes have only been made to the core ontology, not to the other modules.

OntoViBe 2.2 has been created on August 27, 2015. It contains some minor bug fixes. Changes have only been made to the core ontology again, not to the other modules.


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